About Me

My background


I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My family moved just outside of New York City when I was ten years old. Thanks to a sixth grade teacher, I became interested in international relations and decided that I would become a  U.S. Foreign Service Officer. The family moved back to Wisconsin where I entered high school. That is when I vowed that I would go to Columbia University, and I did. After obtaining my Masters Degree in International Affairs and Southern Asian Studies, I joined the State Department. I served in Bombay, Mogadishu, Bangkok, Antananarivo, Calcutta, Geneva, Kigali, Nairobi, Abidjan and Djibouti before deciding I had enough of the bureaucracy. Now I write from my home just outside of Washington, DC. I will be teaching a writing course for Fairfax County Public Schools' Adult Continuing Education program beginnning in summer 2019. I hope to see some of you there!

My writing roots


I always liked to write which was a good thing because I did a lot of it while working in the U.S. diplomatic service. Once I  decided to call it a day on my diplomatic career, I began to write fiction in earnest. I've based a number of my characters on persons who I met over the course of thirty plus years traveling around the world. There are, indeed, many characters out there

My style


One of my writing mentors likes to say, "Your writing reflects who you read." My favorite writers run the gamut from Tolstoy to Greene to Forster to Rushdie. I love their complicated stories, but my goal is to write fiction that is accessible and fun.